Manufactured by: Dynamic Pharma pharmaceuticals
What’s in it: Letrozole
Dosage: 2.5 mg per tab
Size per order: 100 tablets

When it comes to powerful aromatase inhibitors, Letrozole and Femara are amongst the best available on the market. Both of these products were developed for fighting breast cancer but for athletes who experience estrogenic side effects while taking anabolic steroids, Letrozole can be extremely beneficial. This is a medication that can help you to lower estrogen levels within the body and it has a high rate of absorption making it perfect for any athlete who requires toning in drying out before the competition.

For lowering water retention in the body, handling issues related to acne and gynecomastia there really is no better product available. Letrozole prevents the aromatize enzyme from turning testosterone into estrogen which can normalize body chemistry and ensure optimal estrogen levels throughout the body. Regardless of the age that you are training at it’s possible that you can achieve peak response from this medication. In clinical studies, the medication actually worked to increase testosterone levels up to 99% by reducing the total amount of the hormone that is converted. LH levels were also boosted dramatically.

For bodybuilders who are interested in reducing symptoms caused by estrogenic effects, Letrozole is extremely effective. As an alternate use, it’s also great at destroying breast tissue tumors which makes it a powerful breast cancer fighter. If you need to fight water weight especially when you are using a number of compounds that traditionally add water weight, this is a product for you. Using it in PCT with a product like Clomid can be surprisingly effective.
The optimal dosage for this product is 2.5 mg per day.

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