Arimidex Dynamic

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Dynamic Pharma manufactured Arimidex Anastrozole 1.5gm as a product which reduces the level of the estrogen in a body to prevent it from growing cancer. For athletes it acts as a medium that lessens the aromatization of the anabolic steroids. It is an off white powder which has a moderate aqueous solubility. In the physiological term the solubility is not dependent on pH. It is easily soluble in acetonitrile, methanol, ethanol, acetone and tetrahydrofuran. Anastrozole is used as a prescribed medication for postmenopausal women to treat breast cancer. As it is well known for decreasing the estrogen level of the body, it checks the growth of breast tumor that feeds on estrogen. For a body builder the reduction of estrogen is essential or else they have to face side effects such as gynocomastia, water retention, etc. Apart from its ability to lessen estrogen it has also demonstrated its significance by increasing testosterone levels by around 58%. One can use it in conjunction with any other compound used by the individual in a post cycle therapy so that it can increase natural testosterone level, which is after the administration of anabolics steroids course is completed.

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