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Zionova Trenbolone Enanthate, is available in 10ml vial, 200mg/ml packaging with Canadian delivery, manufactured by SteroidsCanada. This anabolic steroid is highly potent and it is only used by bodybuilders for bodybuilding purpose, including cutting and bulking due to its longer lasting ester. It is intramuscularly injected; therefore, an expert must administer its dosage. Trenbo E is a long ester variant of the hormone trenbolone, however, it is much slower than the acetate version of trenbolone. This version will not create more or less powerful Trenbolone compound or change any of its traits, it will only affect the hormones release time after it has been injected. This steroid was never approved for medical or veterinary use, yet bodybuilders find its contribution in their steroid cycles highly essential. It carries ratings of 500in both anabolic and androgenic which means that this drug will display strong and pronounced anabolic and androgenic effects.


10ml vial, 200mg/ml

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Zionova Trenbolone Enanthate

175 in stock

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