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Looking for a powerful prolactin inhibitor? Look no further than Pramipexole from Steroids Canada. This product is designed to help you manage prolactin levels, and can be a great addition to any hormone management regimen. Pramipexole is a potent prolactin inhibitor, and can help to keep your prolactin levels in check. This product is easy to use, and can be taken orally or injected. So why wait? Get the power of Pramipexole from Steroids Canada today!


When your prolactin levels go up at a vast rate, in addition to elevated estrogen levels, this can cause gynecomastia, which is the creation of male breast tissue. Even if your estrogen levels aren’t elevated, in men that are sensitive to gynecomastia, prolactin can still cause the formation of this tissue. This is why it’s vital to take a dopamine agonist like Pramipexole or its sister drug Cabergoline; if you don’t do something to reduce the prolactin levels, gynecomastia is still going to be an issue. However, not all men have problems with increased prolactin as a result of steroids, so it is entirely possible that someone could use Deca Durabolin which is a Nandrolone-based drug, and not have any prolactin-related issues. That said, this is very dependent on the individual, in addition to the dosage of the substance they’re using in the first place. But having Pramipexole just gives those men one extra layer of control.
Elevated prolactin levels can flat out hurt a man’s sexual performance, most specifically, when it pertains to erections. Nandrolone is very notorious for its ability to inhibit erections causing erectile dysfunction, and many men are wary of trying the drug for this reason alone. Most of the time they will completely avoid it, and this is totally understandable. That said, the reason they are experiencing this problem is related to the prolactin elevation. All it takes is a little bit of Pramipexole, and those unfavorable issues can be avoided, it doesn’t even require a tremendous dose, either. By combining the right hormones and a little bit of Pramipexole, all of these problems can go away and the drug can continue to work without the unfavorable side effects.

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  1. Justin Shanks (verified owner)

    I love this product not having to deal with the prolactin sides from deca anymore is great I have bumped my dosage of deca up to 900 mg per week and my gains are explosive right now with no negative sides
    this prami is definitely the real deal looking forward to experimenting with tren now thank you steroids canada A++ service as usual

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Prolactin control to its best

  3. Steve Grisenthwaite (verified owner)

    Wrong product was shipped but problem was fixed immediately. I couldn’t be happier

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