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What’s in it: Clomiphene Citrate

Clomid works as a SERM or an ester gene receptor modulator. In most cases, it is used in PCT for regulating estrogen and for normalizing body chemistry after taking aromatizing steroids. It is one of the most popular drugs for increasing testosterone production and a must-cycle drug.

Clomid dosage Typically most men, after taking injection steroids, Clomid is used as a PCT drug. In most cases, it is used in combination with HCG. Clomid dosage is usually 50mg per day for 57 days.

It is important to have complete post-cycle therapy with Clomid. Clomid side effects The most common Clomid side effect is depression.

But it is important to know that not everyone will experience this side effect. Some men have the opposite effect of depression. Over-emotional men have the tendency to experience increased libido. There are some side effects that are very rare. These include hot flashes, night sweats, water retention, and testicular pain.

How long Clomid stays in your body It stays in the body for 34 weeks after stopping its use. Clomid 50 mg dosage A usual Clomid dosage for men is 50mg per day for 30 days. The majority of men will start to experience results in about 2 days and up to 3 weeks. However, some men will take up to 2 weeks before experiencing results. It is also important to note that the majority of men are able to achieve their goals in 4 weeks. The most important thing is to give the drug time to work. Do not expect to see results in a few days.

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