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Benefits of Aromasin

Aromasin has numerous benefits and unique properties, which makes it a popular choice amongst both male and female bodybuilders. All of the following benefits and features have been noted during clinical studies and in forums by real users and as such, they are all 100% genuine and true.

  • Aromasin (Exemestane) is an aromatase inhibitor, which means it is a non-steroidal drug that reduces the amount of aromatase enzyme, thus preventing the body from converting the male hormone, testosterone, into the female hormone, estrogen.
  • Aromasin helps to prevent the female hormone, estrogen, from being aromatized into the more powerful form, estradiol.
  • When a bodybuilder uses Aromasin, alongside a testosterone-based anabolic steroid cycle, this can help to reduce water retention and thus promote leaner, harder and drier gains.
  • The unique property of Aromasin is that when taken at the right dosage level, it can help to improve the amount of free testosterone in the body.
  • Aromasin can also be used by people who suffer from gynecomastia
  • Aromasin is best suited to people who use testosterone-base anabolic steroids.

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    Aromasin Exemestane (Anastrozole) is a popular nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor used to prevent estrogen from aromatizing into the stronger estrogen, estradiol. It was first introduced by Novartis in 2006 and has become an incredibly popular choice amongst female bodybuilders and competitive athletes due to its ability to help improve lean muscle mass, strength, and definition when used alongside a testosterone-based anabolic steroid cycle. Exemestane is also commonly referred to on the nonprofessional bodybuilding scene as Aromasin. Even though this is a popular nickname, its not an official one and should not be used to refer to this drug in any medical or legal documents.

    This is because the drug is already known by the trademarked name that it was originally introduced under, Aromasin.

    The only reason why it is sometimes called Aromasin is that when it was first introduced and marketed, it was actually sold as Aromasin. Many bodybuilders also use the name Exo or Exemestane as nicknames for the drug because they are not familiar with the drug’s official name, which is Aromasin, and this is a common reason why many people refer to this drug as Aromasin. Aromasin is a version of the commonly used aromatase inhibitor drug, anastrozole. Anastrozole is also known as Arimidex, a popular brand name that was introduced by a British pharmaceutical company, Astra Zeneca, in 1997.

    The popularity of Aromasin has soared over the years due to its ability to help bodybuilders and athletes to promote muscle gain and strength gains, while at the same time reducing water retention, which is often caused by the use of testosterone-based anabolic steroids.

    There are also a number of other benefits that have been reported, such as the reduced risk of the user developing gynecomastia and the reduction of body fat. Once a person goes off Aromasin, they will experience a rebound in estrogen, which can cause a surge in water retention, so it’s vital that this drug is used throughout the course of a steroid cycle.

    Aromasin vs. Arimidex Even though Aromasin is a popular alternative to Arimidex, these are two different products that are suited to two different types of users. Arimidex is a brand name that is purely marketed and designed for female users, whereas Aromasin is a drug that can be used by both genders as it is the same drug, only a different name.

    Male users can use Aromasin and many female users prefer to use it because they claim that it is more powerful than Arimidex and as such, it is a better option for people who use higher doses of anabolic steroids. It is important to remember that as well as the different names, these are also different drugs and they do have distinct differences in their chemical structure and function, so it’s always best to use the right drug for your needs.


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