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Break Dancer Victor Montalvo Is Already Thinking (and Talking) Olympics

Victor Montalvo is a break dancer from Miami, Florida who is currently considering the Olympics. Montalvo is an enthusiastic and skilled artist who imagines ending up being an Olympian. He has actually been dancing for almost a years and has actually completed in a number of nationwide competitors. While he has actually not yet made it to the Olympics, Montalvo is currently speaking about it and makes sure to make it one day.

His Background

Montalvo started his dance profession in intermediate school, when he initially began taking hip hop classes. He rapidly discovered himself hooked on the art kind and started to refine his abilities. As he advanced, Montalvo started to participate in competitors and rapidly discovered success. He has actually won a number of awards, consisting of a first-place medal at the USA Hip Hop Championship.

His Training

Montalvo trains 5 days a week, generally for 3 hours a day. He practices a range of designs, from popping and locking to breaking and home. He likewise studies martial arts and balancings, which he states assists him to enhance his method and increase his versatility. His training program likewise consists of physical conditioning and nutrition, which assists him to remain in leading shape.

His Goals

Montalvo’s supreme objective is to make it to the Olympics. He has actually set a timeline for himself and is dedicated to accomplishing his dream within the next 5 years. He has actually currently started to speak to other dancers and professional athletes about how to make it to the Olympics and is positive that he can reach his objective.

His Motivation

Montalvo is encouraged by his enthusiasm for dance. He enjoys the art type and feels a deep connection to it. He thinks that dance is a kind of self-expression and a method to get in touch with the world. He likewise delights in the difficulty of contending and the sensation of achievement that features success.

The Olympics

The Olympics is the greatest level of competitors for any professional athlete. It is an opportunity to display one’s abilities and complete versus the very best worldwide. Montalvo is identified to make it to the Olympics and is dedicated to putting in the effort required to arrive.

His Supporters

Montalvo has the assistance of his household, buddies, and the dance neighborhood. He is happy for their motivation and thinks that it is a vital part of his journey. He likewise credits his instructors, who have actually assisted him to establish his abilities and reach his objectives.

His Advice

Montalvo has some suggestions for striving dancers. He recommends that they:

  • Stay focused and remain inspired. Set objectives and strive to attain them.
  • Be open to discovering. Gain from knowledgeable dancers and want to attempt brand-new things.
  • Look after your body. Consume healthy and remain active.
  • Think in yourself. Think in your capability to reach your objectives.

His Future

Montalvo is positive that he will make it to the Olympics one day. He is devoted to his craft and makes sure that his effort and commitment will settle in the end. He is likewise enthusiastic that a person day he will have the ability to influence other dancers to follow their dreams.


Victor Montalvo is an enthusiastic and skilled break dancer from Miami, Florida who is figured out to make it to the Olympics. He has actually been training for almost a years and has actually currently completed in numerous nationwide competitors. Montalvo is inspired by his enthusiasm for dance and is devoted to putting in the effort required to get to the Olympics. He has the assistance of his household, pals, and the dance neighborhood and makes certain that he will reach his objective one day. Montalvo is a motivation to aiming dancers and a suggestion that effort and devotion can assist anybody reach their dreams.

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